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Anna’s crusade against corruption
Candle light vigil in the USA

- Apr 15, 2011 By M. Rajesh


Kozhikode: The anti-corruption movements of a group of Non- Resident Indians in the USA have turned to be a noted event globally by setting a flame within the NRI community to protest against corruption in India. Dandi Mrch second team, who walked 240 miles against corruption in India, organized similar events in the USA in support of Anna Hazare’s fast for the formation of Jan Lokpal Bill.

In Cerritos Regional Park in Los Angeles, California, a candle light vigil was followed by a discussion about Anna Hazare’s fast and the current state of corruption in India. One of the organizers, Srihari Atluri led the pledge to encourage their families back home to vote for the right people in their constituency. “Corruption exists as a result of not having strong law-enforcement in India and thus the corrupt know they can get away with it easily.”-the discussion panel pointed out. This event was organized by the Dandi March II team and People for Loksatta, USABF and India Against Corruption, among others.

The senior Gandhian Anna Hazare broke his fast of over 90 hours after the Government of India assured the formation of a joint committee of 10 members comprising of central ministers and members of civil society for discussing the final draft of Jan Lokpal bill. Thousands of people joined Hazare from across the country, in spirit and in person. Some of them took part in the fast alongside him, while others joined in candle-light vigils and showed solidarity to their leader.

In Seattle, Washington, the event began with an informative speech by Pooja Tripathi, one of the event coordinators, on Jan Lokpal Bill. Sudip Gorakshakar, Chairman of Federation of Indian American Associations (FIAWA), emphasized the need of unity and strength of the people for the betterment of the society. They celebrated the victory of the civil society and efforts of Anna Hazare by singing songs. Prabha Sinha, a renowned Indian TV actress with her famous TV shows as Swabhimaan, Parampara, Itihaas and many more, led the gathering to sing “Raghupati Raghav Rajaram” which was followed by many other inspiring songs by different groups.

Lavanya Reddy, President of FIAWA, encouraged everyone to take an oath with a “Zero Rupee Note” to neither give nor take a bribe. After lighting the candles in front of Mahatma Gandhi statue at Bellevue Regional Library, everyone sang the Indian national anthem and registered to volunteer for similar causes in the near future. The event was put together by many associations such as Dandi March second team, FIAWA, Association for India’s development (AID), and Washington Telugu Samiti (WATS).




Candle Light Vigil organized in Los Angeles in support of Anna Hazare's anti-mission.JPG


Candle Light Vigil organized in Los Angeles in support of Anna Hazare's anti-mission

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- Report by Rajesh Kumar for


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