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System Integration and Software Solutions provider for the supply chain industry.

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7Hills is a System Integration and Software Solutions provider for the supply chain industry. As a Software Products provider we bring a robust, integrated suite of Supply Chain Execution (SCE) systems to SMB companies along with technical expertise in integrating such systems with major ERP applications and legacy systems. Our customers include well-recognized third party logistics companies, manufacturers of food, drugs, automobiles and telecommunications equipment, as well as other software companies.

It is our vision to become the recognized leader in supply chain solutions for the SMB market. This market is ripe for the 7Hills’ offering; a deployment model that permits easy and inexpensive access to robust software tools.

In today’s complex business environment, any dependable solutions provider requires proven abilities across a complementary range of services. As a recognized provider of total supply chain solutions, 7Hills has built these skill sets so keenly that we are able to offer them as independent services.

  • Supply Chain Consultancy
  • System Integration
  • Implementation Services
  • Remote Managed Customer Service
  • Offshore Development
  • RFID Consulting
  • Custom Development

Established in: 1998
Location: Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh

Branch Office: USA, Washington

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Contact: Sitaram Geddam

Position: Founder & CTO.

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Seven Hills Business Solutions Limited, Q1A1, 10th Floor, Cyber Towers, HITEC City, Madhapur, Hyderabad – 500 033, A.P INDIA


The eBizNET product suite is an integrated set of supply chain execution (SCE) software products that manage the storage, distribution and transportation functions of its customers.

Our solutions suite, eBizNET™ – SC, was built from the ground up to overcome many of the issues facing other SC software solutions today. The architecture makes it quick to implement and easy to adapt to today’s changing business environment. eBizNET™-SC is built for multi-customer, multi-site control utilizing the latest technology tools offered by Microsoft. Scalability is a non issue due to the use of an Oracle database. Having its own middleware allows each module to be tightly integrated or installed as stand-alone modules to existing supply chain products. The products offered in the eBizNET™-SC suite include:

  • eBizNET™- WMS
  • eBizNET™- Billing
  • eBizNET™- Dashboard
  • eBizNET™- YMS
  • eBizNET™- Cargo Management
  • eBizNET™- Transport Management
  • eBizNET™- Labor Management
  • eBizNET™– RFID Toolkit

eBizNET™-WMS is a powerful web-based application that meets the goal of high accessibility while maintaining optimal inventory levels for geographically distributed distribution centers. Designed for manufacturers, distributors and third party logistics providers, eBizNET™-WMS incorporates the best end-to-end distribution cycle management practices.

Deployed on the latest technologies, it stretches the conventional warehousing and distribution features at the front and back end. Each of the warehouses can function with its own set of parameters, data, and rules. While individual warehouses maintain warehouse-level information, eBizNET™-WMS enterprise-level system provides a complete picture of total operations including the ability to view the product levels by warehouse location and status of orders throughout the system. The system tracks and traces each SKU from OEM dispatch, through warehousing till it reaches the end-customer there by eliminating the coordination challenges in your procurement and distribution cycle.

eBizNET™ WMS has standard interfaces, which exchange data with external host systems, e.g., ERP, TMS, OMS etc. It automates the entire mechanism of procuring the relevant data from external systems and use them for further processing. Its automated data exchange capability leverages the use of standard data transfer protocols; the data can be interchanged using a flat file or XML.

Some key features of eBizNET™ WMS are:

Web based full functionality WMS, Multi-Company, Multi-Site, Multi-User Capability Configurability Global Supply Chain Visibility Scalability Flexibility Compatibility Extensibility Multiple Deployment Models Standard Supports Configurable Interface Manageable.