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Brief Profile & Product description:

Manufacturers of Blind Rivets (Aluminium Alloy, Steel and Stainless Steel). Blind Riveting Tools. Blind Nuts in Steel & Stainless Steel. Blind Nut Tools. Hollow Tubular Rivets. Stainless Steel Cable Ties. Cable Tie Tool. Stainless Steel Worm Drive Hose Clamps. Powder Coated Stainless Steel cable Ties.


SELF-LOCKING STAINLESS STEEL CABLE TIES provides a strong, durable method of bundling and fastening. The ties are designed for use in application where strength, vibration, weathering, corrosion extremes are a factor.

The low weight, high strength of the ties makes them more efficient and reliable than conventional fasteners. The single wrap. Self-locking low weight design provides improved efficiency and reliability.

The self-locking Ball Lock design provide quick and easy installation. Their high strength, non-flammability, fully rounded edges and easy ball lock tie design provide the ultimate support for bundling and securing cables, virtually any indoor, outdoor and under ground applications.

Used in: Automotive, Air craft, Truck / Car engines, Telecommunications, Traffic Signals, Aerial Support, Telephone cables, Electric cables, Communication Towers, Ship Building, Offshore, among others.


‘REX’ BLIND RIVETS, a range of high speed industrial fasteners are easily installed in blind or open applications, offer high clench, fill up over size holes, offer one length per dia-reducing stock holding, can be used on finished surfaces, gives high shear strength, vibration resistant assembly, increased speed of assembly & reduced costs.

The above rivets are manufactured in the diameter of 3/32, 1/8, 5/32, 3/16 & 1/4″dia.

Rex blind rivets are used in the following industries for sheet metal riveting: -automobiles, rail coach, earth moving equipments, tractors, cars, aircraft industry, control panels, electronics, fabrication, white goods, heat transfer equipment, coach building, cooling towers, ship building, freight containers, etc.


BLIND RIVET NUTS (steel & stainless steel):

*are easily installed in blind or open applications.

*are a dual purpose fastener. not only do they clamp materials together but also contain a female thread for attaching removable parts.

*are particularly suitable for use in materials which are too thin to accommodate a tapped thread.

*can be used on a finished surface.

*have distinct advantage over weld-nuts and press-nuts.

*can be installed with your existing blind rivet nut tools.

*are available in large head and csk head.


*BLIND RIVETING TOOLS AND PLIERS for installing blind rivets.

*BLIND NUT TOOLS for installing blind nuts *CABLE TIE TOOLS for installing cable ties


Stainless steel worm drive hose clamps are used primarily used to hold or attach hose to fittings and to secure connections of all types, enable each industry and user to meet exact requirements with items of proven quality .diverse clamping applications for the aircraft, automotive, vehicles, industrial, hardware, plumbing and marine industries.

When the clamp is tightened on the hose with a screw driver or a spanner, it remains positively secured. It retains its position with the hose even under heavy vibrations. Due to its unique design the clamp is reusable.

Established : 1980

Location: Mumbai

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Profiled: November 16, 2007