Auro Cabs, Orissa

Services in arranging comfortable transport, accommodation and guides

AURO CABS provides best possible services in arranging comfortable transport, accommodation and guides in south Orissa which is a beautiful place with lush green scenery, rich historical relics of past royal families, religion etc.

AURO CABS, Tourist Operation Agency, Leypore, OrissaThis region is also famous for Adivasis of different types. Koraput, Rayagada, Nabarangpur, Malkangiri districts are the major places where Auro Cabs has been operating and providing services. Auro Cab is also providing transport and guide services to tourists from abroad and different states those who are interested in tourist activities in Arraku cave area of Andhra Pradesh and Chittrakut& Tirath Garh in Chhatishgad State.

This region is also famous for centre of origin of rice. This place is of many research interest and academic values.

Major Projects:

Eco tourism to conserve the biodiversity and culture for tomorrow

Established: 2005
Location: Jeypore, Koraput (Dt), Orissa

Phone: 06854251402

FAX: 06854233151

Email: bibhu65(at)
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Contact: Ms.Sanghamitra Birburma

Position: Tourist Operation Manager

Postal Address:
AURO CABS, Ms. Sanghamitra Birburma, Tourist Operation Manager, Lingaraj Nagar, Jeypore, Koraput,764004, Orissa, India

Profiled on: November 17, 2005