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We offer tour & travel related services to Indian film industry, more popularly known as Bollywood.

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We also provide various other services in India like Online Hotel Booking, Car Rental & Taxi Services, India Tour packages, Ayurveda Treatment packages In India, Medical treatment packages In India, Wild life tours in India, Adventure Tour Packages In India, Uttaranchal Tours, Air Tickets, Conference Management.


Conferences, Conventions, Seminars and Event Management We have expertise in handling business events and offer our specialized services to international and national associations and event planners to their maximum benefit. We provide our clients professional services and techniques of the highest quality right from conceptualization, through to attendee marketing, on-site management and administration. We can turn any occasion into a successful event by organizing board meetings, dealers/sales meetings and incentive programs. Our services include planning, selection of destination and venue with complete ground handling. We have co-ordinates with all the major hotels across India and that helps us in organizing any event successfully.

Domestic & Outbound Tours

If you have a vacation in mind, we offer countless destinations to explore both in India and abroad. Choice is yours to experience the Indian heritage that dates back to the time immemorial or visit the enchanting destination abroad. But in any case a memorable time is promised. We offer specially designed domestic tours that are categorically divided to match individual’s needs and priorities. You can choose from a range of cultural, heritage, beach, wildlife and a variety of other tours to make your holiday a time to remember for the rest of your life. In addition to this we can also take you to the places where you will find a totally different atmosphere and culture that will surely add to your excitement. Take your pick from a variety of tours available in this category and explore extraordinary natural beauty, the vast array of flora and fauna and cool hill stations. Just relax and enjoy the idyllic setting!

Cruise Tours

We promise you a time of your life as you cruise on our carefully designed ships in utmost luxury. Designed by a team of master technicians, our ships offer elegant quarters, fine dining, impeccable service, and smooth sailing to exotic locales in Indonesia, Thailand and countless other destinations.

Air Ticketing

We can provide you air tickets for any destination on the specified date and time. All you have to do is to send the necessary information and we will take care of the rest. Complete and accurate information will help us make your reservations more quickly, effectively and easily. Rely on us for cost effective air ticket reservation services.

Tours for NRIs / Ethnic Indians

We at Special Holidays bring you an opportunity to find your roots in India. We specialize in NRI/ Ethnic Indian Tours which has been designed after taking care of all the travel needs of our NRI/ Ethnic Indian friends who have settled in overseas for generations.

We offer variety of tours like –

– North/South India Tour Package (15Nights/20 Days)

– Discover India Tour Package (15Nights/20 Days)

– Discover India Tour Package ( 25 Days)

– North/South India Tour Package with Hill Station. (16 Days)

– North/South India Tour Package with Special Highlights of Pilgrimage/Culture/Hill/Beach. (16 Days)

Business Description:

Our Quality Policy – An Overview

· Special Holidays Travel Pvt Ltd is committed to the creation of a quality culture
pursuing success and excellence through dedicated teamwork and effort.

· The company resolves to position itself on the cutting edge of the tourism industry,
choosing to lead thought consolidation and innovation.

· “SPECIAL HOLIDAYS” is committed to a socially responsible, culturally respectable,
environmentally sustainable and economically feasible tourism.

· The company endeavours to foster a consistent but effective standard of customer
care service that rank high in absolute terms as well as relative to our peer.

Frontline Visible Quality

· Quality Transport…

SPECIAL HOLIDAYS has a fleet of good Transport on Personal Asset Basis (PAB) and Management Contract Basis (MCB). Under MCB individuals/transporters pledge their transport to us on an annual agreement with total responsibility for fleet maintenance and chauffeur appointment resting on us-there by the quality of transportation is at per with our personal fleet on PAB.

Following are the standard accessories in our cars… Ø None of the cars used are more than 3 Years of age.

Ø White Spot-less seat covers.

Ø Free unlimited supply of mineral water.

Ø Wet tissues, reading material, first aid kit, fire extinguisher and umbrella on board.

Ø All drivers are in neat, crisp and full uniform equipped with a mobile hand phone.

Ø Punctuality, courtesy, professionalism and grooming are the key words to be followed at all times.

· Quality Transfer Representatives…

Transfer Assistance is a very important service rendered and is the first impression forming opportunity for an operator. At SPECIAL HOLIDAYS we believe in ‘Well begun is half done’ and thus try to give our best shot to the arrival transfer.

Ø Our transfer representatives are in uniform for easy identification.

Ø Equipped with mobile phone/ handheld wireless radios.

Ø Our representatives receive guests from within the arrival area airport/ railway

Ø The transfer representatives also help the guests with their hand baggage / wheel
chairs etc., without any inhabitations.

Ø For groups we provide two transfer assistants to make the movement of guests
and luggage smooth.

Ø All transfer representatives are well versed in English language and are
professionally qualified in travel and tourism.

Ø The file-handling executives ideally provide transfers so that he/she is aware of
the guest’s entire programme.

Ø In most of the times, the same executive does arrival and departure both, so that
the guest is comfortable in discussing the problems and solving them instantly too.

Ø Punctuality, courtesy, professionalism and grooming are the key words to be
followed at all times.

Our Communication Policy & Contact Information

As a policy matter we value all contacts made with us at any point of time. Each correspondence is valuable to us and it is always our priority to reply you on top priority. Our general response time is 2 hours and If you do not hear from us within 12 working hours please repeat your communication and assume that we have not received it or that there is some technical snag in our communication system. At “Special Holidays” we use the latest communication tools and understand the need of today’s extremely busy lifestyle. It has been our endeavour to reach out to our clients, associates and vendors within the shortest possible time and making this habit our niche in the industry.

At “Special Holidays” each correspondence is of equal priority. We do not prioritise inward correspondence and as a result we reply to each one instantly. In case we take some time in giving a specific reply to your query, we let you know that too, this way you are sure that your valuable correspondence has reached us and within what time frame you will hear from us.

The highlights of our communication system is the online chat, where you can chat with us online during office hours – you just need to log on to our website (www.traveltoursindia.com & www.specialholidays.net ), click on the chat button available on all pages of our site, our executive will be online to answer your queries instantly. Else the other easiest way is add us to your online chat area at MSN, YAHOO or GOOGLE or even SKYPE at shtcindia@hotmail.com, shtcindia@yahoo.com, shtcindia@google.com or shtcindia at skype

The other highlight is the free Internet telephony, you just need to download skype from www.skype.com and call us (our skype name: shtcindia). This call from all over the world is free of cost and your just require a headphone and an internet connection on your personal computer.

Should you have any problems in communicating with us or you find that we are not adhering to our Communication Policy please complain to us on: feedback@specialholidays.net monitored closely by our Director – Customer Services

· Quality Communication System…

Ø Online chat, where you can chat with us online during office house you just need to log on to our website (www.traveltoursindia.com & www.specialholidays.net ) or add us to your online chat area at MSN, YAHOO or GOOGLE or even SKYPE at shtcindia@hotmail.com, shtcindia@yahoo.com, shtcindia@google.com or the free internet telephony, you just need to download skype from www.skype.com and call us (our skype name: shtcindia). This call from all over the world is free of cost and you just require a headphone and an internet connection on your personal computer.

Ø Any one can reach us during odd hours through the duty officer (+91-09312509576, +91-09312007255). The duty is assigned to a senior team member in rotation every week. The duty officer is equipped with all information about the arrived / arriving guests and guest related problems.

Ø Our officer telephone 91-11-22714577,55268090, 55268091 is diverted to voice mailbox after office hours. One can record the message that will be answered by our executive in the very first working hour of our office (between 1000hrs and 1100 hrs).

· Team Work…

At SPECIAL HOLIDAYS we work as a team and believe that each job is everyone’s job. We do not pass the buck to each other for the mistakes committed and feel that all are collectively responsible for the good, the bad and the ugly. We at SPECIAL HOLIDAYS give no excuse for the lack of quality and accept our faults with a spirit of a learner.

A detailed Total Quality Tourism Manual followed by SPECIAL HOLIDAYS can be sent to you on request.

Executive Car Rental

Experience the very special care, those small things that make you feel big – a well appointed interior, chilled beer & soft drinks coupled with snacks & chocolates to flatter your sweet tooth, current newspapers and magazines, your personal assistant along with a well trained chauffeur in a crisp uniform.

This is a Luxury Deluxe Car that silently cruises along the road but dose certainly announce of some one important inside. That’s not all-a personalized letter head &slip pad also come your way to assert your presence in the city.

Quality Guide / Escort Services

To brush tourists, inquisitive minds with right and authentic knowledge about India’s architecture, art and culture we have a GUIDE’S BRIGADE.

This brigade was thoroughly trained with stress on quality tourism and attitude. Our guides are fluent in languages (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Russian,Japanese etc.) with extremely pleasing personality and a friendly attitude. “Atithi Devo Bhava” is what we believe in and thus we just cannot think of presenting distorted facts to tourists. Besides giving an insight into places of tourist interest, we also fan the tourist with facts about culture, people etc., backed by some jokes and anecdotes that make the trip even more interesting.

To be precise we are determined to give tourism a new meaning in India and thus we never compromise with our services. We are sure,



Rest assured when you are with SPECIAL HOLIDAYS. The very name spells quality and highest satisfaction levels. We at SPECIAL HOLIDAYS pioneered the concept of ‘TQT’ (Total Quality Tourism) and mastered the art ‘Relationship Tourism’ to synergise it with our day-to-day working, we preached it and follow it too.

We are a company that has truly recognized the term ‘Team Work’. We have endorsed this marvel of management in totality. SPECIAL HOLIDAYS believes that Team Work is the force behind all success stories written and re-written in the corporate world. Even if you analyse the epics of Ramayana or Mahabharata Team Work figured on the top. If it were not for Team Work, lord Rama could never have defeated Ravana, or how else do you think the battle of Mahabharata could happen?

Today we are at the top of the list among the tour operating companies and it would most certainly have been a very difficult journey without your support and cooperation. We are what we are today because of (our clients). Our endeavour to strive for perfection has time and again been boosted by your undeterred patronage.

Each year surpasses the other in achievements. The growth rate, client development, turnover, staff strength all are bound on the upward trend.


Established : 2000
HO Location: New Delhi

Branch Location: Mumbai

Phone: 011-22714577

Email: specialholidays(at)vsnl.net
Note: (at) = @

Contact: Sandeep Jain, Director

Postal Address:

S-203,LSC, DAV Complex, Mayur Vihar,
New Delhi

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