That first initial contact during the interview is crucial. Although few words may be exchanged, a rapport develops- You want that rapport to be as positive as possible. Here are some tips that will help you to be as presentable as possible during the interview.

  • This is fundamentally important- Be absolutely punctual for your interview. Be on the safe side and leave early. You never know when an accident on the road may occur, or when the subway inconveniently has mechanical problems. You cannot make an excuse if you are late. So leave an extra 15 minutes early so that you have a couple of minutes to compose yourself in the waiting room and go in relaxed. Even if you arrive on location half an hour early, grab a coffee, walk around and relax. You would like to enter the office and reception area approximately 10 minutes early.
  • Attire for an interview is important. Dress for the job. If you are interviewing at a tattoo parlor- you are aware that a suit is not necessary. If you are, however, interviewing in the financial world, dress conservatively. Even if it is for an industry such as advertising, where they are more relaxed about the dress code- go in for your interview in proper, suitable attire. You will never be penalized for overdressing (no bowtie or prom dress though). Just be well groomed. A proper and neat appearance for an interview is essential.
  • Make sure you know the proper name of the interviewer and its pronunciation. You do not want to embarrass yourself by mispronouncing it during the interview. If you have to, call up the company a few days ahead for them to spell the person’s name and ask them for the proper pronunciation.
  • As useless as this may sound- have a firm handshake. Many people’s impression of others is grounded on that first initial handshake. A limp loose handshake is not liked. Do not break their hand with brute force, but a good solid handshake says a lot about a person.
  • Eye contact during the interview is fundamental. People with shifty eyes who look everywhere but at the person puts people on edge and may make them uncomfortable. Proper eye contact is just a sign of respect that you are paying attention to them and you are interested in the conversation or topic at hand. Make sure if your interview is in front of a panel of people to address all of them with your eyes. Even if only one individual is doing the asking, they are all there to evaluate you. You want to make sure that you make them all feel as if they are a part of the interview process.
  • As you are invited into the interviewer’s office wait until he or she asks you to have a seat before making yourself comfortable. This is just the more polite thing to do.
  • Bring a notebook or a binder and some pens to the interview. If you are to take notes you do not want to have to ask for paper and a pen. Have it handy and somewhere with easy access. You do not want to have to take your briefcase or purse apart in front of the interviewer frantically searching for your favorite pen.
  • Carry around a couple copies of your resume to the interview in case you get asked for one.