Dependability & Reliability

PC dependability & reliability. Dependability depends up on the need to have it. How much dependable one wants the PC to be? some people format PC every other day and for some its a lifeline and they backup daily.
In any case keeping it dependable is what most people wish to do. Making it dependable makes it available and performance naturally is better. Dependability lies most importantly in the following.

  • Backing up data – daily or weekly depends upon how critical is your data.
  • Organising files systematically.
  • keeping the PC secure – pests away.

Keeping the backup is the first thing in making the PC dependable. That depends up on whether your data is really important. if it is not important there is no need to have it. if it is, yes don’t have a choice.

Other factors obviously are pests that create so many security problems in the PC. For preventing this, antivirus, antispyware, firewall, and frequent and systematic operating system updates are critical. This topic is very comprehensively discussed in our PC Security Guide under this Your PC section.

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  • Backing up files – PC is not immune to failure and loss of data is a possibility.
  • By keeping it secure – Virus, worms, spyware, hacking, all these are built to destroy.
  • Organising files – Designate one data folder under which all data must get stored.
  • Predicting failures. – have a nose for understanding what is going on. If a failure is imminent plan for action.
  • UPS – The Power behind the power.