Festivals | Kannur (Cannanore)

The traditional Hindu in the district observes a number of religious festivals. Among them the prominent ones are Vinayaka Chathurthi (in the month of Chingam, August-September), Ashtami Rohini (in Chingam), navarathri (in Kanni, September-October), Mahasivarathri (in Kumbhom, February- March), Onam (in Chingam), Vishu (in Medom, April- May) and pooram (in Meenam, March- April).

The navarathri festival is a nie day festival and a favourable period for the worship of Sakthi. The last day of the festival, Vijayadasami, is regarded as auspicious for the beginning of children’s education – vidyaramba.

The festival of Vishu, the vernal equinox, is observed in this district on a grant scale. The most important ceremony connected with this is the Kanikanal (literally means the first sight). The Malayalee believes that if he sees suspicious things like gold ornaments, a measure of rice or paddy, mirror, flowers of kanikonna tree, etc arranged on the previous night in the home, I the first day of the New year, the whole of the year will be lucky for hism.

Children and poor people get gifts of money from elders on the Vishu day. This custom is called Vishukaineettam. An indispensable element I the celebration of Vishu in this district is the extensive display of fireworks.

The pooram festival of nine days begins o the day of Karthika. Asterism and ends on the day of pooram. During the festival days the image of Kamadeva is installed in every hindu home and unmarried girls offer pooja. The pooram season is an occasion for rejoicing and merry-making. An interesting feature of the pooram festival is that it is accompaniesd by the poora vilakku (illumination) and poorakkali in the temples.

The festivities associated with deepavali (in Thulam, October-November) in Tamil Nadu or North India are, however, missing in this district.

Onam, the harvest festival of Kerala, is celebrated in Kannur also but the traditional myth here with regard to its origin, is different from what it is in central or south Kerala. The festival is limited to two days viz. Uthradam and Thiruonam days.

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