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Traditionally agriculture based, Palakkad is all set to be the industrial capital of the State. The departments of industries and Commerce has identified the Kanjikode belt, connecting Palakkad and Coimbatore, as an area for industrial development. The excellent infrastructure facilities like N.H. 47, trunk railway line, nearby airport at Cochin., Calicut and Coimbatore, cheap availability of land and labour, cheap power and water etc. are the main attractions to industrialists.

The industries department acquired about 130 acres in Pudussery West village in the 60’s for an industrial development area. It is here that the I.T.I, Tata phone, Hendez Electronics, Carborandum, 66 K.V. substation etc. are situated. Later, the department accured about 500 odd acres of land in Pudussery Central village for a new I.D.A. About 120 acres were allotted to KSEB for a 220 KV sub station and wind farm and the remaining land was allotted to prospective industrialists like KAMCO, MARICO Industries, Rabfila International, Prima Industries, Patodia Syntax and a number of S.S.I units.

Profile on major Industries:

  1. Indsil Electro Smelts Ltd
  2. B.P.L.Systems & Projects Ltd
  3. Tata Keltron Ltd
  4. Silical India Ltd
  5. Precot Mills( P) Ltd
  6. Marico Industries Ltd
  7. Rubfila International Ltd
  8. Bristo Food Ltd
  9. B.P.L. sanyo Technologies Ltd
  10. Connectors I.T.I.Ltd
  11. Carborandum Universal
  12. Malbar Cement Factory
  13. Premier Spinning Mill
  14. United Brewries
  15. B.P.L. India Ltd

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Quotable Quotes:

“You have no right to a job, a product or a market-
someone can always take it always take it away from you.”