About ASP, PHP, MySQL, etc..

If you want to do more comprehensive programming that work against large or small databases as part of your site building, you would have to turn to the following type of scripting or other similar tools. However these only concern to large websites.

Role of MySQL in site building.

MySQL is an open source database application supported by many web hosts. The beauty is that this is completely free and the hosting would come cheaper than using any other database.

Active Server Pages in site building.

The subject that we will discuss in the next page for retrieving database results utilise asp. ASP is simple, flexible and easy to use. These are scripts embedded in HTML pages; however these scripts get executed at the IIS and the visitor sees only the results of the code execution in HTML and on his page.

Active Server Pages (ASP) is Microsoft’s server-side technology for dynamically-generated web pages that is made as an extension to Internet Information Server (IIS).

ASP.NET (part of the Microsoft .NET platform). The pre-.NET versions are currently referred to as “classic” ASP. Even though ASP.NET takes its name from Microsoft’s old web development technology, ASP (Active Server Pages), the two differ widely.

Programmers can write ASP.NET code using any of the different programming languages supported by the .NET framework, usually Visual Basic.NET or C#.

You must remember that ASP runs only on Microsoft’s web servers. There is an implementation from chillisoft which enables ASP on unix. However limitations need to be evaluated.


PHP is a widely-used open-source programming language primarily for server-side applications and developing dynamic web content, and more recently, other software. The name is a recursive acronym for “PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor”. Famous example of PHP application is phpBB

The PHP model can be seen as an alternative to Microsoft’s ASP.NET/C#/VB.NET system, Macromedia’s ColdFusion system, Sun Microsystems’ JSP/Java system, and to the CGI/Perl system.

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