Basics of Site Building.

Site building discussed here involves simple to large sites mostly containing static pages. We are not discussing any programming or database driven site building here…

Gratifying experience:

FrontPage has been chosen as the HTML editor of choice. Some of the database connection options within the FrontPage is briefly touched upon.

Site building is definitely a gratifying experience but it sure requires devotion and determination.

Variety of professionals involved;

  • Design experts,
  • content builders,
  • copy writing professionals,
  • programming professionals,
  • graphics experts,
  • networking professionals,
  • search engine optimization experts,
  • marketing professionals,
  • journalists.

We think that the above list is incomplete as far as very big sites such as a large portals where the area of required expertise can be even wider than the above. At the same time one person who is rolled into all of these, can make a large site too although it can be quiet difficult to find such an ‘all rolled into one’ individual.

Large websites which have large databases attached to it are normally built by software developers along with the help other professionals. Such a site building has to do with lot of programming and involve other professionals like web designers, graphic designer’s etc. It is not in our scope to discuss such site building. We are going to talk about smaller sites which contain mostly static pages and some simple forms etc…

As the web is set out to provide everything from news to entertainment to recipes, no one knows what next, it is a sure spectacle to be involved in its building through your own site…

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Quotable Quotes:
“ Only the first steps to achieve something are difficult –
the planning, the getting started.”