Building for Search engines.

Titling, first sentence etc.

You have to do what is necessary to be done to get good ranks in search engines right from the site building stage. For this, every page needs to be built as per a certain guideline and the location and frequency of your keyword in the page is very critical.

Rank comes mainly from good, relevant content. If you have relevant, optimized and well meaning textual content, your visitors read it; the search engines find it, and the webmasters link to it.

Keyword and key phrase in site building – the key to search engines..

Keyword is the word that we key in to the search engine for a search. Unless your page is that keyword or key phrase rich, you are not going to be hit for that particular search. If there is a site that better mention and mentioned it more in number than your site, they are going to win that particular keyword of key phrase search. Hence whether you get that hit or not, do your part when you phrase your content. Make sure you keep the keyword for the particular page in mind and write the content accordingly. However this does not mean, you create content which does not have any grammatical sense or otherwise boring. The point is, keep the word or phrase in mind and do not forget to use it wherever you possibly can.

Importance of good content in site building.

If the content is not good, your visitors don’t read it, the search engines can’t make out what you are trying to say and hence ignore it, and the webmasters don’t link back to it.

Hence everything with regards to good ranks in search engines seems to come from good, genuine content. You need to focus a lot on your content. If you have content about shoes which is better than the content on adidas, search engines would not hesitate to put you on the top and above adidas.

Title tag and first sentence.

Title tag is like a title of a book for a page. That’s the primary identifier hence take care when you write what you write in the title. In the front page, title can be modified under page properties. If you say shoes in the title and write about mango in the page, it could still obtain higher rank for shoes and not for mango.

The first sentence or paragraph on every page can be very important since some search engines are seen to take its description from this part of the page.

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