Choosing a tool

We have extensive experience with MS FrontPage. If your site is not database driven or otherwise involve any programming, FrontPage would be sufficient for you to build your site.

Latest version of this software is frontpage 2003. As in any HTML editor’s packages, frontpage allows you to forget HTML (fundamental building blocks of web pages) and lets you type your text and import images straight into the page. In the background, it converts your work into HTML and saves you the trouble of knowing HTML.

You don’t need to know any HTML for site building.

Building entire sites would require little or no knowledge of HTML. We are not recommending not learning HTML. It is always good to know for reasons like compatibility between browsers and for simple trouble shooting. HTML editors have ready to use solutions for building web pages and sites and they are fairly easy to use.

You can build large web sites – consisting several hundred pages or more using FrontPage alone considering your site does not need major database backbends and does not involve any other technological complexity.

You can insert tables, pictures and many other components directly into the page using FrontPage features.

Problem with FrontPage site building.

Probably the only but a critical problem with using Microsoft FrontPage in your site building is that it does use some non-standard HTML tags making it sometimes incompatible with browsers other than Microsoft Internet Explorer. In affect this means that your visitors using browsers other than MS Explorer would not see the page exactly as you see it in MS Internet Explorer. However you can be relieved of the fact that in spite all the troubles MS Internet Explorer is suffering, like security issues it remains the most popular browser. Also, with some HTML skills you could rectify the problems and make your pages compatible with all browsers.

Advantages of using Frontpage for your site building.

Since it is a Microsoft application, it is perfect with ASP pages, which are standard for Windows based hosting and windows based programming. Microsoft FrontPage also perfectly interacts with other MS Office products. For example during your site building, you can easily cut and paste a chart from MS Excel into FrontPage web page.

About Macromedia Dreamweaver.

Dreamweaver is known to produce pages which have better compatibility across various browsers and this is a significant plus. Dreamweaver is also known to work easier with server side scripting tools like php. If it is your intent to use other macromedia products like flash, dreamwaver is expected to integrate better.

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