Creating sites, web pages.

Just like a word processor FrontPage has simple menus, icons, and tools to create a new page or site.

Site can be made in the disk or on a web server like we mentioned in local and going global page. save, opening file, all mimic word processor application. what’s mainly new in Frontpage is hyper linking, book marking and navigation etc.. Some of the important features are discussed in FrontPage features ..

There is no scope for explaining much of FrontPage here since it can be a subject too big. Hence let us focus on the generic aspects of site building. We will endeavor to add additional information specifically regarding web building using FrontPage here in future.

Inside FrontPage – What are the menus etc..?

File menu for example has open, open web, publish web, recent webs, etc amongst others. View menu has page, reports, navigation, hyperlinks etc.. Insert menu has web component, database, form amongst other items. Format menu has style sheets etc..

The above paragraph just meant to give you an idea. Microsoft’s advantage often is that they provide a tool which is easy to use, simple, yet offer fairly extensive features. FrontPage has improved ever since its debut. FrontPage has gone through many versions. The current version is 2003.

Organise your data in folders and develop a good site hierarchy from the beginning of site building.

Web page building is fairly easy with FrontPage. Equally important is the file organization system and hyper-linking hierarchy you must follow in compliance with the sites structure right from the very beginning. If you are building a large web site create smaller sections and sub webs so that managing the web becomes easy later on.

For additional information on FrontPage like documentation, tutorials, and tips and tricks we recommend that you go to the FrontPage section of the Microsoft’s giant website.

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