Make content on your own

In fact content building is the toughest but the most important of all in any site building. Its importance can not be stressed enough!

One person will have to sit dedicatedly to build the best, rich, error free, and keyword optimized content without which whatever design you do, whatever navigation you build, site is not going to be a hit neither with the visitors or the search engines you devour having gained a top rank.

In site building, presentation and navigation comes later.

Presentation and navigation is built around the content and not the other way. Search engines are going to scoff at you without good content we guarantee! They don’t index design and navigation they index your content!

During site building, take Charge of your content.

You are the one making the site whether it is personal, business related and whether you build or you hire a firm to build. Hence take charge of the content! Since you are more likely to know more than anyone else about your own subject or content of the site you intend to build, it is best when you build the content yourself. You can always get help on making the peripheral, generic content from other professionals. However the core of the content, it is better when it comes from you.

If you don’t have the right content,

  • Web visitors won’t like your site. People might prize the introductory flash
    but that’s it; without great content they will frown and click away.
  • Your customers won’t trust your product or service.
  • They will think you are unprofessional.
  • Other sites wont link to you.
  • Search engines like Google give top importance to the number
    and the quality of your incoming links.
  • Search engines won’t give you high ranks due to lack of rich, keyword optimized content.
    – We guarantee that.
  • A search won’t lead a prospective visitor to you because of lack of right content also lead to lack of good keyword optimization and result in poor ranks.
  • Major part of a sites traffic come from top search engines. Without rich content searches won’t lead to you due to poor search engine ranks. This means all around failure and loss of business for e-commerce sites.
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Quotable Quotes:

“People who begin many things finish few.”