Publishing Sites

Publishing sites that you built is the process of sending your disk based or web server based local web to the Internet so that it could be accessed by the vastness of the Internet.

The Process:

Here what you would need is the user id and password you have been given by the web host to actually chose the publish icon within the FrontPage and then enter the domain where you are publishing.

Need for FrontPage extensions in site building..

This method might require FrontPage extensions to be active on the web host. However ftp uploading would not require FrontPage extensions. We have found that it is easy and convenient to do the FrontPage way of publishing.

You will need to know the FTP server name as well as your user name and password to do the FTP publishing. If you are unsure about your user name, password, or FTP location, contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or web site administrator.

Selective Publish:

It is possible to chose only pages that have changed and Perform a publish. This way we can save the time by not having to publish the whole web.

Local Publishing.

If it is needed, you can also publish the site to your local web (another local web) or to a disk based local web. If you publish to a location on your local computer, your web site will not have the full FrontPage functionality unless your computer is a server that has the server extensions or SharePoint Team Services installed.

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