Site Goals & content

What would be a site which is not set out to achieve something? A site may be a portal site, simple personal site, or an e-commerce one. If you don’t know what is yours, you better do some sole searching and find out.

Because we know from experience that initial building is just the beginning. A site in fact is an evolution. It evolves all the time unless you don’t want to improve things. It goes on and on… If you don’t know where you are going how can you go? Hence set out a goal; if you don’t have one, find one before setting out to make build a site. Site will take you places if you have such a goal, we can assure you!

Make a good content the most important goal

As we described in a full page, make content on your own, from the long years of experience we have with web site building, web hosting (our site), and trying to make the site acceptable to web surfers, we would like to emphasize on one most important point. That’s the content! There is nothing as important or even comes closely in importance to content, for a website. Content is everything for a site. Two other important points, that’s presentation, navigation are far behind it in importance.

If you don’t have the right, well written, captivating content, forget about the site.

Lot of people create a fancy site and then put some content into fit that site. However take our word, first sit down and make your great content. Get the help of the best writers, copywriters and ones those who are highly knowledgeable in the subject area to make your content. Make that content ready and then create a well defined structure around that great content.

Site building goal of e-commerce.

This was a doomed goal sometime before however you can see examples of Amazon still shining through all the troubles. Sites are still selling and profiting from their sales. From grocery through heavy equipment, there is definitely good prospects for the web sales. Customers must trust your products, service and overall professionalism. Ideas needs to be innovative and bright for success on the web. Great thinkers make great salesmen. Google is profiting merely from their ads. Yahoo has been around longer but Google thought more deeply and won more quickly.

Educate them about your product, provide them the support tools, ways to communicate with you, and reassure them. Also show them your trustworthiness through the frankness and quality of your great site. That’s what the goal of your e-commerce site should be.

E-commerce has many aspects to it and we only have the scope of few paragraph here and could only accommodate some advise. However we believe in the goal of site building for ecommerce.

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Quotable Quotes:

“ Only the first steps to achieve something are difficult –
the planning, the getting started.”