Some useful FrontPage features

Frontpage has several features which are fairly common on across such HTML editors. However some useful features stand apart in site building with frontpage. They are described below.

Shared border for FrontPage site building.

Shared border is an area of the page either on top, bottom, right or left or on all of those areas where you would like to duplicate the same content like a logo, like main links etc. Once shared border is created whatever you put on the shared border gets to every page. You can selectively disable shared border on a page if you wish to do so.

It is always best to leave some space common on all sides of your FrontPage site. At least on the top, right, and bottom where you can insert the common data conveniently and change them conveniently later.

Creating forms and database during your site building.

FrontPage can let you do some database results and also help you create a form page which can e-mail, store data in a file automatically, etc. Following are few advanced features which can be very useful.

E-mail form contents:

You might sometimes want to create a form to collect data from a web visitor for a “contact us” for a “business directory” you own or any other similar purposes. This can be achieved by creating form and configuring it to e-mail to an address on submit action from the visitor.

Using the SMTP server on the web hosts server form content can get e-mailed to you. There are various ways to customize this feature. Due to constrains in elaborating further, due to expanding scope of this topic we would like to limit the discussion on this feature but please understand that this is an easy and useful feature which can be again achieved without any programming skill.

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