Write to database using form

This is another easy to use FrontPage feature in site building. In the previous option we briefed e-mailing the form to an e-mail address from your site. In this case, form contents can be saved on a database file (MS access based) at the web host for later retrieval. Configuration can be done on the form properties option.

How is this done?

During your site building you would create a form the way you normally create it and then choose from the form options to have the results stored on a new or existing database. configuration is fairly simple.

Show database results using database:

In this case you can build a database results region and even a search within the database using a database and then display records from that database on the basis of the query you give.

In case of the form, you would have to create a form with the fields you want and then configure it with the e-mail address you wish to configure it in “form action”. In this case when the visitor enters the information in the form and clicks on the submit button, form can get e-mailed to you. You could later retrieve it to see what has been sent.

The confirmation page that appears for the visitor can be customized to show what you would like to show.

These features are very useful when you are doing some kind of feedback collection or data collection. It would not require a programmers help as all options are menu driven and simple. However for designers who have little experience with web building might like to consult a programmer.

Please remember that the web host should support FrontPage extensions in order for these features to work.

Wish you easy site building.

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