Hidden text

When text on your web pages has the same colour as the background colour, the text becomes hidden.

Such text serve no purpose to your visitor but in the past is known to have helped climb up the search engine ranking ladder because search engines find more text in the page. However search engines have understood they are being fooled and started penalizing for the tactic.

Today if you are found to employ such tactic you are likely to get lowered ranks instead of getting better, it may be also possible that the site get banned because of employing these tactics.

Hence avoid hidden text at all costs.

If you are very prompted to hide the text in order to raise ranks, you must sit down and write a neat text which can somehow, rightfully fit on the page not as a hidden text but as a normal text. This text must have its appropriate place in the page too. This is what we suggest as an alternative to using hidden text.

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