Irrigation | Kannur (Cannanore)

Kannur district has 16,835 hectares under irrigation, which is 3.24 per cent of the gross irrigated area in the State. In terms of total area under irrigation, Kannur district ranks last among districts in the State. Well density per sq. km. is 160 in coastal area, 90 in midland area and 48 in high land area and it is estimated that there are 1.59 lakh wells in Kannur district. Only five per cent of the ground water potential is utilized at present for irrigation.

There are about 8609 minor irrigation schemes consisting of lift irrigation, wells and tanks in the district. The district does not have nay major or medium irrigation scheme in operation. The two irrigation projects, viz., Pazhassi and Kattampally projects, are incomplete. The Pazhassi project is expected to irrigate 16,200 hectares of land when completed. The Kattampally project which is multi purpose project for irrigation, flood control etc. will protect 3168 acres of land from flood and intrusion of sea water and is expected to irrigate 1080 acres of land.

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