Realisation of a dream

Often I was asked by my friends about how I felt about Dubai during my stay there. In answer I always kept smiling, and there was much to that smile than they possibly understood.

The most exquisite dream I had when I was studying, was to go to Dubai. The passion might have been due to the life style of Gulf malayalees in my village. One of the most difficult aspects of actualising a goal, seeing a dream, was making it a reality; but fortunately for me, my dream was about to become a reality.

One of my friends who were in Dubai then offered me a VISA! Nothing more I thought of the offer and just said YES! I really did not know how to make money for VISA and travel, but my strong dream works. “We are such stuff as dreams are made on” Shakespeare rightly said. But still people are afraid to dream, may be they have lost their belief in dreams due to their failures in realising their dreams.

The Air India flight from Mumbai landed at last in Dubai after an eternity. I could see the illuminated road from the side window of the flight. It was one November night many years back. I alighted from the flight. WOW… so cold and yet I felt wonderful, and the memories still flashing in high volt inside my little brain. My dream came true! I am in Dubai, and even I could not come to terms with that fact!

As I entered the terminal building for finally embarking on my dream city, while in the long queue, I took all my documents in hand. I was looking everywhere in a state of confusion bordering fear, the people in long dress and head band, the airport staff in their uniform, the policemen etc. The person in front of me said the people in long dress are Arabs and also commented that “they are very rough and tough”. My heart pounding!

As soon as I reached the counter my brain seemed paralysed!! The handsome beard man, guess he is in his 30’s, smiled at me… my heart regained the rhythm, and my brain started functioning, I smiled back. He looked at me through the glass in front of him, stamped in my passport and VISA, collected docs and moved as if I knew what he said in arabic. Again stopped by one policeman to verify the passport, I had collected my luggage; in fact I have quite forgotten my luggage until I saw people with their trolleys and luggage.

I collected a trolley right there; my heart was running faster than the conveyor belt which carried the baggage’s. Yes it was my baggage, collected, put in the trolley and moved ahead. The officer said put your baggage on top. He screened and nodded. I just peeped through the glass, and I could see my friends patiently waiting for me since my flight was delayed by 4 hours, and I was very happy that they were there to receive me. By then I was smiling again.

To be continued…

By V. K. Baburaj, ET & T Computer Centre, Vatakara, Calicut.