Most people are familiar with messengers. Yet we are going back to the fundamentals for millions who may be new to the net.

What is instant messenger?

Instant messenger or IM is a popular Internet communication tool. When you use e-mail communication, typically you send an e-mail and wait for the user to respond. However using the e-mail you can’t make an instant contact with the other person and start conversing rapidly with back and forth communication. Instant messengers enable you to do just that.

How does it work?

You can have the other party’s address stored on your messenger program and know at the specific point almost accurately whether the other person is available for communication. This is almost as good as a presence availability that the cell phone provides.

Presence, Presence..

In future, software is expected to find your presence and is expected to connect to you transparently and smoothly irrespective of whether you are near your phone or PC or any other device.
Other aspects of messengers are that you can use voice chat using a headphone, and see the person using a webcam all from within your messenger program. Files or pictures can be transferred on the fly to the person you are communicating with.

For those who have an Internet connection but stays away from the messenger, at least to find out the benefits of using messengers they must try it out.

Installing, using.

This is fairly simple. You will download the program by visiting the website of MSN messenger or yahoo messenger, two most popular although there are others. Links are provided on the right top portion of this page.

After downloading, start the installation, open the messenger and add your friend’s mail address by entering the friends e-mail address into add contacts or buddy’s menu.. Then the friend lets you add his mail address using his messenger and when you both have each others listed, in each others program, you know one is available on the net when you are connected through your messenger.

Windows XP comes preinstalled with a version very similar to the MSN messenger called Windows messenger.

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