Idukki situates at the top of Western Ghats surrounded by mountains. The Asia’s first and the world’s second great arch dam is in Idukki in Kerala. This arch dam built across the Kuravan Kurathi mountain is wonderful and beyond description. Attached to this dam of 650 feet length and 550 feet height, two other dams are also there in Kulmavu and Cherunthony. Spread over an area of 7700 hectares with plenty of wild animals, Idukki wild life Sanctuary attracts everyone. The world’s second underground Power Station also is in Moolamattam, Idukki District.

While traveling through Thodupuzha- Idukki road, we can see many tourist centres. Travelling about 6kms from Thodupuzha through Moolamattam – Idukki route, we reach at Malankara. The Malankara Lake spread over about 11kms like a lagoon fascinates the tourists. The district panchayath has plans to construct park and rest houses in Malankara and for arranging  boating facilities in the lake.

If we continue our travel from Malankara through Moolamattam route, within 6kms Kanjar can be seen. Nine kms far from Kanjar is Ilaveezha poonchira, the place praised to be blessed with the foot touch of Sri Rama. There is a legend that this poonchira was built for Sita by Sri Rama for her bathing. The scenes from Ilaveezha poonchira surrounded by Mankunnu, Thonippara, Kudayathur hills is very attractive. We can see the Kochi (Cochin) port light house and the adjacent towns from here.

Kulamavu and Nadukani said to be having the same climate as of  Ootty and Kodaikanal  are also in Thodupuzha – Idukki route. This place is also one of the boundary f Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary. The sights from the pavilion on the top of Nadukani mountain is very beautiful. We can enjoy from here , the sights of zigzag flowering rivers, beautiful scenes of Moolamattam, Kanjar, Kolapra places.

18 kms far from Idukki, in Idukki-Kanjikkuzhi route situates Palkulamed. This is a mountain situated 400 feet above the sea level. This place is ideal for astronomical observation and trekking. From here, Kochi (Cochin) town can be seen.