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Calicut (Kozhikode)

A bustling city and commercial capital of Malabar, Calicut has an International Airport, University, Medical College and prestigious  Indian Institute of Management and National Institute of Technology(NIT). Calicut has a very colourful past. Vasco da Gama landed at Calicut (Kappad - 16 KM from the city) in 1498, becoming the first European to reach India by  the sea route around the [...]

Kannur (Cannanore)

Kannur also called Cannanore, lies between Calicut and Kasargod districts. The place is also blessed with a lengthy sea side and has many rivers. Historic Kannur, a cauldron of various cultures and a centre of traditional arts and crafts is fast becoming a major tourist destination.


It is more than 14 years since Kasaragod district was formed. Kasargod is still a backward district. If the development of Kasargod is to be completed. It is with this aim the District Tourism Promotion Council had been striving for the last few years. Kasargod would occupy a prominent place in the tourist map of [...]

Mahe (Mayyazhi)

Mahe is a tiny pocket in the west coast of India, situated geographically in Kerala and politically in the Union Territory of Pondicherry, the erstwhile French colony in India. (Establishment Françoise dans l’Inde) the French called Mahe ‘Jolie Petite Ville’, (Picturesque little town). The territory of Pondicherry also comprises, three precious pearls – Karaikal, Mahe [...]


Courtesy : Miss. Usha The tourist spots in Mavelikkara follows. 1.The Budha Statue The statues is in seated posture, resembling Padmasana. A feature common to the idols is that hair has not been engraved on the head. Studies by the Archaeology Department have not been able to explain the absence of hair which is common [...]


It is situated on the Calicut – Madras road, 12 km. south – west of Manjeri and 52 km. south – west of Calicut. Malappuram is the head quarters of the district. In earlier times, Malappuram was the head quarters of European and British troops and later it became the head quarters of the Malabar Special Police (M.S.P). This place has still the ruins of an ancient fort built by Tippu Sultan.


Palakkad district opens the State to the rest of the country through a wide gap. Palakkad has witnessed in various incursions of historical importance. Bharatha-puzha, the longest river in Kerala originates from the highlands and clows through the entire district. This district is the chief granary of Kerala and its economy is mainly agricultural. The [...]

Tellicherry (Thalassery)

Tellicherry (Thalassery) lies between Mahe and Kannur on the National highway 17. It can be termed as the commercial capital of Kannur district. Thalassery is probably a more important commercial centre than the district head-quarters itself. Along the coast, next to Mahe, it’s a pleasant, unhurried place. Town was built in 1683 by the British [...]

Vatakara (Badagara)

Vatakara is a commercial focal point in Calicut district with all the amenities vital for a modern township. There are many Hospitals, Colleges, Schools, Govt. sponsored Technical Education Centers, Recreation and pastime facilities.Vatakara is the land of Kalarippayattu. This is the land where warriors like Thacholi Othenan once lived. National Highway 17 pass through Vatakara [...]


Wayanad is one of the districts in Kerala that has been able to retain its pristine nature. Hidden away in the hills of this land are some of the oldest tribes of people, who are yet untouched by the fast pace of civilization. Comprising an area of 2126 sq. kilometers, Wayanad has a powerful history. [...]