Palakkad district opens the State to the rest of the country through a wide gap. Palakkad has witnessed in various incursions of historical importance.
Bharatha-puzha, the longest river in Kerala originates from the highlands and clows through the entire district.

This district is the chief granary of Kerala and its economy is mainly agricultural.

The district has fostered Carnatic music. Great musicians like Chembai Vaidya-natha Bhagavathar and Palakkad Mani Iyer, personalities like KPS Menon and KP Kesava Menon are the products of this district.

Forests and streams, dams and gardens have made this district a fairyland of tourist.

According to William Logan, the author of the Malabar Manual, the Pallava dynasty of Kanchi might have invaded Malabar in the second or third century. One of their headquarters was a place called ‘Palakada’ which could be the present day Palakkad.

It is bordered on the north and north-west by Malappuram district and on the south by Thrissur district. The climate of the district is tropical.

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