Art and Culture | Kannur (Cannanore)

The Kolathiri kingdom deserves special mention with regard to the cultural heritage of the State.

In the 14th and 15th centuries, under the Kolathiri Rajas, Thaliparmaba became a famous centre of learning, enlightenment and culture. The story of this place developing into a cultural centre is intimately linked with the famous Thaliparamba temple.

With the transfer of the capital of Kolathiri from Thaliparamaba to Chirakkal, Chirakkal also rose into prominence as a great centre of the arts.

The gift of the district in the field of art and culture is its folk arts. The social situation that prevailed here gave rise to various folk art forms. The assimilation of the different styles of Aryan and non-aryan culture and the influence of Jain and Budhist philosophies kindled its growth further.

Though the social set-up has been effaced by time, the cultural life of the folk remains unchanged.

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