National Movement | Kasargod

Kasaragod made a prominent role in the National Movement for the freedom of the country. Muhammed Sherul Saheb and Kandige Krishna Bhat were the front line leaders of the independence movement. Umesh rao, K.M Krishnan Nambiar, Shreesankarji, Naranthatta Raman Nair, A.C. Kannan Nair, T. Gopalan Nair and Meloth Narayanan Nambiar were prominent freedom fighters.

The agrarian struggle to end the exploitation and oppression by landlords and chieftains were part of the National Movement. The Kadakom Sathyagraha was started following the arrest of Gandhiji in 1932. The Palayi harvest agitation (1941), Cvheemeni estate struggle (1942), Kayyur agrarian riot (1944), Eleri estate agitation (1946), Karinthalam paddy seizure revolt (1948) and many other struggles waged by the peasant organizations accelerated the tempo of the freedom movement. Besides the agitation of the peasants, the various struggles unleashed for the uplift of the scheduled castes and tribes also supported and enlivened the National Movement.


Quotable Quotes:

“search for better ways to do things and you will find success.”