A Guide to Creating a Blog

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Blog – An introduction

Blog is the name used to represent an address on the web that maintains a continuous archive of information.
The word blog is the abbreviation of the word ‘weblog’, in the recent times, blog has been added and accepted into the internet infrastructure to serve as a medium for enabling direct talk between the author and reader at regular intervals, the author chooses to write either on a specific topic, or on a wide range of topics, the visitors to a blog are people who have similar interests as the author.

In the early stages a blog was used more like a personal diary of a person where he stated and communicated events and experiences through messages, pictures and links to other websites which was in relation to the topic, it could be the log of a traveler, the various pictures he had taken from the place he visited, the method of travel, the expenses involved, tips for travel and also the links to websites of different places of interests etc.

With time blog evolved – as the number of viewers interested in reading blogs increased, a blog is mostly of non-commercial nature where no one is trying to sell anything, like a sales letter, but of useful nature for interested readers. In the different stages of evolution blog’s achieved commercial value too – through advertisements and links to related areas, once a blogger – a term used to define the author of a blog, achieved a reputation and had readers, his web space was valued more for ad placements.

The factor that differentiates between a website and a blog is that a blog carries the publishing date of its contents, other than that a website is no different from a blog because both carry the same elements like images, videos and links. Further researching a blog can be stated as a website where there is sequential addition of information and elements with an author and stated dates.

Now that you are interested in making a blog, we present to you ‘creating a blog – a guide’, it lays out all the factors and knowledge you need to have in order to create a blog of your own and the various elements you can add – to make your blog interesting and re-visit worthy.

The third most visited website in India is a blog, since it is not a general rated site we are not mentioning it here but just to show you the significance of a blog.

Make sure you add this guide to your favorites and check back for reference or for continued reading in case you don’t complete the entire guide in one go.

Dave Winer, creator of an early Blog called “Scripting News” said: “Weblogs are often-updated sites that point to articles elsewhere on the web, often with comments, and to on-site articles. A weblog is kind of a continual tour, with a human guide whom you get to know. There are many guides to choose from and each develops an audience.”

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