Climate | Wayanad

Wayanad has a salubrious climate. The mean average rainfall in this district is 2322 m.m. Lakkidy, Vythiri and Meppadi are the high rainfall areas in Wayanad. Annual rainfall in these high rainfall areas ranges from 3,000 to 4,000 m.m. High velocity winds is common during the southwest monsoon and dry winds blow in March-April. High altitude regions experience severe cold. In Wayanad (Ambalavayal) the mean maximum and minimum temperature for the last five years were 29 C and 18 C respectively. This place experiences a high relative humidity, which goes even up to 95 percent during the southwest monsoon period.

Generally, the year is classified into four seasons, namely, cold weather (Decenber-February), hot weather (March-May), southwest monsoon (June-September) and north east monsoon (October-November).

The dale, ‘Lakkidi’, nestled among the hills of Vythiri taluk has the highest average rainfall in Kerala. The average rainfall in Wayanad is 300mm. Per year. There is a decreasing trend in rtainfall in this area.. The average rainfall data shows that the lowest rainfall received from northeast monsoon, is in Wayanad district.

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