Information Technology (IT)

– IT section is for those of you who are venturing into the net as a beginner. Also part of the section is various guides that will help a
beginner with a website to host.

Web Marketing Guide
You have to begin to market your site even before it is hosted, by designing it well, writing the content in quality and quantity.

A Guide to Creating a Blog
Blogs are common. However there are many people who would like to know more about creating a blog. Here is our effort to help.

Internet Beginners Guide
This is the section if you are just embarking on learning about the Internet. Go through this some very useful tutorials…

Domain Name Registration Guide
Name registration is the first part of getting a site online and that’s what gets you the domain name…

Site Building Guide
Second step in the process of building an Internet presence is site building. This is normally done by using a site building package…

Web Hosting Guide
The idea of this web hosting guide section is to introduce you to web hosting. We will be discussing here various aspects of web hosting mixed with our experience…

Web, Site Promotion Guide
The last and final part of our Internet Presence Guide is about web promotion of your site. However this is the culmination of your efforts with making an Internet presence…

Present and future objectives of web development
Websites often need revamps. On one such occasion what you must ask the developer, what features you must seek in the new site is the core subject of this article.

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Go where you want to go.
Be what you want to be.”