Topography | Kasargod

Kasaragod district lies between 110-18’ and 120-48’ north latitudes and between 740-52’ and 750-26, east longitudes. The district is marked off from the adjoining areas outside the state by the Westren Ghats which run parallel to the sea and constitute an almost continous mountain wall on the eastern side. The Ghats dominate the topography. The coastline is fringed with low cliffs alternating with stretches of sand . A few miles to the interior, the scene changes and the sand level rises towards the barrier of the Ghats and transforms into low red laterite hills interspersed with paddy fields and coconut gardens.

The district is bounded in the east by the Westen ghats, in the west by the Arabian Sea, In the north by the Canara district of Karnataka and in the south by the Kannur district.

Based on the physical featurtes , the district falls into three natural divisions – the lowland boardering the sea, the midland coastings of the undulating country and the forest – clad highland on the extreme east.


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