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A beautiful Jain temple, devoted to Ananthanatha Swami, one of the saints of Jain faith, is located six kilometers from Kalpetta.

Located on the slope of Vellarimala, this temple dedicated to Parswanatha Swami, the third Thirthankara of the Jain faith, is an exquisitely beautiful family temple. The icons of Parswanatha Swami and Padmavathi Devi, set in the sanctum of this temple, have thousand reflections in beautiful patterns on the mirrors placed on the inner side of the temple walls. It is twenty kilometers from Kalpetta.

This temple is believed to have been built eight centauries ago. In the past, it was under the control of the Kottayam royal dynasty. Before the conquest by Tipu Sulthan, Sulthan Bathery was known as Ganapathivattam. The temple is devoted to Ganapathy.

This is an ancient temple associated with the myth of Sita Devi. It is located on the Karnataka boarder.

This is another Jain temple devoted to saint santhinatha Swami and is situated 20 kilometers away from Kalpetta.

The Chandranatha Swami Temple at Puthanangadi, Vrishabhadeva Swami Temple at Mananthavady and Parswanatha Swami Temple at Palkunnu are the other important Jain temples in the district.

This is another centuries old temple, dedicated to Sita Devi. The icons of Leva and Kusa are also installed here.

Located in a valley beneath a hill called Brahmagiri in the reserve forest, this temple is often referred to as the ‘Kasi of the south’. The temple is dedicated by Brahma to Vishnu in the form of Chatturbhuja. A little away from this temple is the mountain spring called Papanasini which literally means the destroyer of all sins. It is believed that a dip in the holy water of papanasini will wipe off all sins. Pakshipathalam, an interesting trekking centre, is seven kilometers away from this temple.

Puthari, Chuttuvilakku, Navarathri, Sivarathri and Sreekrishna Jayanthi are the festivals conducted in this temple. The location of this temple has an enchanting natural beauty. Thirunelli is 66 kilometers away from Kalpetta.

This temple is located about three kilometers east of Mananthavady town. It is devoted to goddess Durga. Every year, a festival that lasts for 10 days, is celebrated in March-April. Adivasis from all over the district attend this festival.

This is an important mosque located at Kalpetta.

This important mosque is located at Padinjarethara.

This is an important church of the Jacobite Christians.

This is a Roman Catholic Church.

This is an important church of Jacobite Syrian Christians.

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