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French Education

Ecole Centrale et cours complementaires, is the oldest school in Mahe. It is a high school with classes from 1st standard to 10th standard, the medium of instruction is French. Students who pass out of this school are admitted to the Plus one class/Pre-degree classes. The centenary of this school was celebrated in 1990.The strength of this school dwindled after the de facto merger of the French possessions in India with the Indian Union on 01.11.1954. Previously the students of this school could hope to get employment in France and French colonies. After merger the students joined the English Schools.

Alliance francaise : A branch of Alliance Francaise operating in Mahe was established on 1st May 1982. There are teachers, retired personnel and others who are able to write and speak French with the correct accent. Steps are to be taken to bequeath this ability to posterity. Alliance Francaise, Mahe is working with this aim. French is taught here.

Number of members – 203.

Courses offered

  • Degree Elementaire – 1 year
  • Degree Moyen – 1 year

Classes for beginners, who wish to opt for French at the Higher Secondary level.


There are 1539 books




  • French Film show
  • French Book Exhibition
  • French Songs Competition
  • Celebration of French Republic Day.

There are few French Nationals in Mahe. Some of them retired after working in France and the French colonies. Others opted for French Nationality. They do not have voting rights in India but they have almost all the other rights of an Indian Citizen. They are electors in France. They have voting rights in France.

On the French national Day, 14th of July and on Armistice Day, on the 11th of November they assemble in front of the statue of Marianne and place a wreath in front of it. They formed an Association called ‘Union de Francois’.

English Education

After the merger of Mahe into the Indian Union English education become very popular. The present Jawaharlal Nehru Government Higher Secondary School, Mahe was re-christened five times.


The history of this school dates back to 1881,when Mr. Walter Simon, a German Missionary, took over a school run by Mr. Kunnumpurath Puthalath Perachan Vydier, with the permission of the French Government. It was upgraded into a Middle School by Viceman.

On 19.01.1916 during the First World War the French government took over this school and named it as ECOLE ANGLAISE (English School) because all the other schools were French Schools.

It was upgraded to a High School in 1929 and affiliated to the University of Madras for the Matriculation Examination. Since 1968 the SSLC pattern of Kerala is being followed.

Consequent on the de-linking of the pre-degree from the college it has been upgraded as a Higher Secondary School, the public examination is conducted by the Govt. of Kerala

Higher Secondary schools.

At present there are three Higher Secondary Schools in Mahe region.

  1. J.N.G. Higher Secondary School, Mahe
  2. Govt. Girls Higher Secondary School, Mahe
  3. Govt. Higher Secondary School, Pandakkal

High Schools

  • Govt. Boys’ High School, Pallour.
  • Govt. Girls’ High school, Pallour.

These two High Schools are going to be upgraded as Higher Secondary Schools in a couple of years.

  • Ecole Centrale et Courses :- Complementary (French High School) Mahe.

Middle School

There is one Middle School

  • Usman Govt. Middle School, Chalakkara

Primary Schools

  1. Govt. L.P. School for Girls, Mahe
  2. Govt. L.P. School for Boys, Mahe
  3. Govt. L.P. School, Poozhithala
  4. Govt. L.P. School, Choodikotta
  5. Govt. L.P. School, Cherukallayi
  6. Govt. L.P. School, Pallour (West)
  7. Govt. L.P. School, Pallour (North)
  8. Govt. L.P. School, Chembra
  9. Govt. L.P. School, Pandakkal
  10. Govt. L.P. School, Moolakkadavu
  11. Govt. L.P. School, Avaroth.

There are six private schools (primary Schools, being upgraded)

Students in the neighborhood of Mahe in Kerala, flock to get admission to the schools in Mahe. But the admission of these students is restricted.

Subject to the availability of seats every year 50 students are admitted to 1st standard, 50 to Vth standard and 25 to VIIIth standard.

Technical Education
Industrial Training Institute is already been established and the proposal to start a polytechnic during this academic year is on the cards.

Navodya Vidyalaya

There is a Navodaya Vidyalaya at Pandakkal. Applicants from Mahe and Pallour are admitted on merits. They are admitted to the sixth standard.

Pondicherry University Centre

The Pondicherry University Centre in Mahe is offering M.Phil Course in Economics. The development of this centre leaves much to be desired.


The college at Mahe is named Mahatma Gandhi Government Arts College Mahe.

The Pre-degree class started functioning on the 10th of August 1970. It was indeed the culmination of the stupendous and concerted efforts of the people of the locality and their elected representatives coupled with the magnanimity and earnestness of Pondicherry Government. The goodwill and blessings of the University of Calicut and the Government of Kerala also coalesced to bring about the opening of the college temporarily in the new building of Jawaharlal Govt. High School. Later it was shifted to its new campus at Chalakara.

  • The college was upgraded as a Degree College during the academic year 1973-74
  • With effect from this academic year the pre-degree courses has been completely linked.
  • Post Graduate courses are being started.
  • Students who want to undergo the P.G. Course have to join

For the beginning M.G.G. Arts College, Mahe, was affiliated to the University of Calicut. Later the Degree courses were affiliated to Pondicherry University.

Quotable Quotes:

“Nothing succeeds like success.”