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The Territorial Army is a citizen’s army which comprises of civilians who are eager to contribute their might to the defence of the country, while pursuing their own vocation. Although it does not offer a regular career it provides an ideal opportunity to the youth of the country to receive military training in their spare time. The Territorial Army inherits all the magnificent traditions of the services.

The Territorial Army’s 122 Infantry Battalion was initially raised as the 51 Light Armored Regiment at Ambala in 1949. In 1956 the Battalion was redesignated and initially affiliated to the Punjab Regiment. Consequent to its move to Malappuram in 1966, it was reaffiliated to the Madras Regiment.

The unit saw active service during the Chinese aggression of 1962 and both the Indo-Pak Wars of ’65 and ’71.

The Battalion was embodied for services from 10 September ’89 to 25 February ’90 in Sri Lanka as part of the Indian Peace Keeping Force. It was a successful shoulder-to-shoulder operation with the regular army at Kankesathurai, palai and Trincomalee. The contingent returned without suffering any casualties.

This force was also drafted for Operation Rakshak during 1991-92 and it moved to Kashmir valley.

The Battalion was adjudged both as the Best Infantry Battalion (T.A) in the country and has won the Chief of Army Staff Silver Trophy., consecutively thrice during 1986-87, 1987-88 and 1988-89

Kap Camp, Mangattuparamba is the headquarters of Kerala Armed Police 4 Battalion. In Kerala, there are 7 armed police battalions viz., the Malabar Special Police with headquarters at Malappuram, the Special Armed Police and KAP 3 at Thiruvananthapuram, KAP 1 and 5 at Trissur, KAP 2 at Palakkad and KAP 4 at Mangattuparamba.

At the time of its formation in 1963, the present KAP Camp was a detachment camp of the Malabar Special Police. The camp was handed over to the district Police, Kannur in 1968 for accommodating the District Armed Reserve.

KAP 4 Battalion was formed in 1980 with headquarters at Aluva. In 1982, the headquarters of the aBattalion was shifted from Aluva to Kozhikkode. The same was further shifted to Mangattupparamba in 1983.

Armed Police battalions are independent units of the police department like District Police. The battalions are duty bound to deal with serious law and order and communal problems more efficiently and effectively. The strength of the battalion is 1038, including civil staff. The battalion is headed by an Indian Police Service officer in the rank of a Superintendent of Police. He is assisted by a Deputy Commandant, 4 Assistant Cmmandant, 7 Inspectors, 18 Sis, 6 ASIs, 1 Administrative Assistant and 1 manager in the day to day administration.

This camp is situated at Mangattuparamba, about 16 kms. north of Kannur, beside the NH17. This is a lovely camp, blessed with the beauty of nature. It comprises of 87.78 acres of land. There is a beautiful garden in the camp.

The battalion has a proficient brass band which performs for civilian ceremonial functions also. There is a tele-communication wing which works in the camp round the clock.

Kannur Cantonment Board is one of the 62 cantonments in the country and the only one in the State. Cantonments were established during the British era usually in their military areas where both civilian and military personnel resided.

The Kannur Cantonment is included in the Class II category. It came into existence in 1938. this cantonment constitutes of 2698 civilian population and 2121 military population. The Board consists of 8 members. Four of them are elected from the civil population. Officer in Command is the chairman.

The central Prison, situated at Pallikunnu, three kilometers away from Kannur town, is a cynosure of historical importance. Many leaders of National Freedom Struggle and various local peasant revolts were either brutally imprisoned or mercilessly executed here.

The greeny colonnades of huge trees, model sericulture units and vast mulberry gardens under the lingering silence of the serene, picturesque surroundings help one forget the painful memories.

A sales counter functions in the prison premises for the sale of jail produces, especially the artistic carvings and weavings of prisoners.

The Regional Agro Industrial Development Co-operative of Kerala Ltd. Popularly known as RAIDCO Kerala Ltd. Was started in 1972 with its jurisdiction confined to Kannur district only.

In 1973 it was converted as a regional co-operative, extending its area of operation to eight northern districts of Kerala and in 1992 it was elevated as a state level co-operative.

The aim of the RAIDCO is to cater to the needs of farmers by supplying agricultural machinery and implements and to help the farmers in new ventures in the co-operative sector.

The co-operative has its headquarters at Kannur with 26 branches all over the State.

The F.M. Radio station of All India Radio at Kannur was set up on 4th May 1991. the station provides quality programmes to a population spread over an area of about 12,000 sq. kms. with a radius of about 60 kms. in and around Kannur. The station operates on 101.5 Mhs in the F.M Band.

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