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Postal Service

There are tow Postal divisions in Kannur district and they are Kannur Postal Division and Thalassery Postal division.

Kannur Postal division constitutes of Kannur, Thaliparamba taluks and a small portion of Thalassery and Hosdurg taluks. The total area covered by this division is 1761.40 sq.kms. there are 227 post offices under this division among which five are in Hosdurg taluk. There is a speed post counter working at Kannur Head Post Office, from where articles can be booked to Kozhikode, Ernakulam and Thiruvananthapuram. This counter functions from 9a.m. to 4 p.m. A philatelic counter also functions here.

The Thalassery Postal Division covers the areas in Thalassery. Kuthuparamba and Manathavady (in Wayanad district).

This division has one head office and 46 sub offices covering an area of 1952.15 sq.kms.


The Kannur Telecom Secondary Switching area comprises of Kannur and Kasaragod Revenue districts and the union territory of Mahe.

The Kannur SSA controls 105 telephone exchanges with a working connection of 59927 lines. These exchanges have been equipped with STD facility. All the panchayats in the SSA have also been provided with public telephones. Out of the 105 exchanges, 98 exchanges are electronic.

The Telecom department also provides manual trunk facility, telegram, fax, telex, data circuits, etc.

In the new development programme, th3ere are 12 new Telephone Exchanges in Kannur SSA at Malparamba, Ichilangod, Kalichanadukka, Kaniayala, Miyanadavu, Nekraje, padiyoor, Peruvamba, Vaniappara, Vaninagar, Varam and Perumbatta.


The pioneering venture in the field of Malayalam journalism is associated with Kannur district. Dr. H. Gundert, the famous lexicographer, started tow of the earliest Malayalam newspapers from Thalassery in 1847. They were the Rajyasamacharam and Paschimodayam. The former commenced publication in June 1847 and the latter, in October the same year.

With the advent of modern electronic communication technology, the major allies in the State, viz., Mathrubhumi, Malayala Manorama, Deepika and Deshabhimani have started their units her, in recent years.

The evening dailies are very much alive and popular. Padayani, Sudinam, Spotanam, Cannannore Times, Suchana and Chethana are some of them.

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