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A section dedicated to help you setup and maintain your PC. For those with a desire to learn, to know more about their PC and about
protecting it. Life without PC is unlikely in the future. Knowledge will empower you than making the future look bleak.

Protect your PC – PC Security Guide. Protect your PC – PC Security Guide.
PC security is a vast subject and its getting more thorny as day passes. However it is important to keep pace. Section delves into the most important things you must do to keep your PC safe and sound.
(World of virus, worms, hacking and defending with OS updates, firewalls, and antispyware etc…)
PC Security Guide..

Know your PC – All about your PC.. Know your PC – All about your PC..
Good knowledge of PCs and its inner workings can be never enough. Day by day new use of its grand power is being harnessed by humanity. Lagging behind is not an option. Onto some basic details…
(Improving PC performance, What is Internet, etc…)
Know Your PC..

Writers corner – where we invite others to participate and write for the section..
Articles – Relating to Your PC
Latest Article: File Shredders – Beyond emptying recycle bin.
Bob Elliott – October 17, 2006

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