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The idea of this web hosting guide section is to introduce you to web hosting. We will be discussing here various aspects of web hosting mixed with our experience over the last 6 years hosting calicutnet and a few other sites.

We have come to the third part of our Internet Presence Guide.

The first two guides explained the steps prior to the process of web hosting. Obviously you can’t host a site without first owning some form of a name and building a site. In web hosting guide, we get into the details of actually sending the web you created on your local PC to the vastness of the global Internet. You hire a space on the Internet, at web hosting facility depending upon your needs of features and its price.

Many Hosts..

The most highly rated (but expensive) web host in the world is verio. They are the best because they are the most reliable and they offer the best support. From CalicutNet’s experience with web hosting, often tech support is more vital than even the cost of the hosting or other great features they might offer.

Tech support is key in web hosting.

It is not often that a hosted site goes down if you are with a fairly good host. However tech support is on an, “excellent, good, bad, ugly” scale across web hosting facilities. Hence this is the thing you must focus on. Tech support is what which can make or break you hosting than anything else. A great hosting company would do you no good if their tech support is abysmal.

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