Rivers | Wayanad

Kabani River, one of the three east flowing rivers of Kerala, is an important tributary of the river Cauvery. Kabani and its tributaries constitute a powerful river system in the landscape of Wayanad.

Panamaram rivulet takes its origin from the perennial lake called,’Pookodu Lake’. It flows swiftly through mountain gorges and joined by other streams, tumbles down into Panamaram valley. Six kilometers further from panamaram, this river joins with the Mananthavady rivulet, originating from the lower regions of the peak ‘Thondarmudi’. From this confluence onwards, the river is known as Kabani, a mighty, perennial river which after entering Karnataka state, joins with the river Cauvery. Almost entire Wyayanad is drained by the Kabani River and its tributaries, namely, Panamaram River, Manathavady River and Thirunelli River.

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