History | Vatakara (Badagara)

Seldom there are places in Kerala even in India, which are as well known for its cultural heritage as Vatakara. The overall cultural awakening was noticed here in the mid of 1870’s . In history Vatakara is the capital of old Kurumbranadu, a tribal flock known as Kurumbrar where the main inhabitants of this place. This is the story behind Vatakara getting the name Kurumbranadu .

This place was also known as Kadathanadu about 300 years back. Vatakara is not known as Kadathanadu today. Vatakara’s governing those days were comparable to the feudal rule that existed in Europe during 19th century. It was proved beyond doubt that Cherusseri who was the author of “Krishnagadha” was from Vatakara.

Running down on the history lane, one can not neglect the efforts of Kadathanattu Madhavi Amma and her contribution to contemporary literature.

Even during her youth, this well-known lady had shown remarkable talent both in prose and poetry. The heroes of modern literature regard her contributions as matchless diamonds that sparkles the corridors of all-time history of literature.

Geographically Vatakara is situated to the west of Kozhikode by the side of historical Kotakkal puzha. Initially known as Vadakkekara due to it’s position with respect to the Kottakkal puzha came to be called as Vatakara by popular usage later.

Kadathanadu, apart from its cultural richness is also bestowed with the presents of famous temple Lokanarkavu. Here we get to see the best examples of ancient handicraft skills. 64 types of various sexual images are carved on these temple walls which itself prove the peak of that times handicraft.


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