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PGL Books, About Philosophy, System Philosophy, Kottayam, Kerala.A phenomenon is defined as a finite object that exists with the dimensions of space and time. The phenomenal universe has a cause. Nothing can exist without a cause. Then reality is defined as the first cause or ultimate cause of all phenomena in the universe. Reality must be eternal and independent of time. A set of hypotheses about the existence of phenomenal universe in total is called a worldview. So we can define philosophy as the logical and reflective inquiry that tries to integrate reality, world view, human mind and knowledge.


The central question in the theory of reality is what is the ultimate cause of changing phenomena? The concerned theories of reality advanced through the history of philosophy spanning over last 3000 years can be classified into idealism, materialism and holism.

The basic premise of idealism is that mind is a metaphysical being, with eternal and permanent existence. Though body exists eternally as a physical substratum, commonly called matter, it does not have any active role in the formation and evolution of phenomenal world. So body is just like a lump of clay which the potter uses to make different things like cup and urn. In contrast, materialism asserts that the physical substance, called body or matter, has the properties of extension and motion. It exists eternally as stuff with the three dimensions of space. The property of motion inherent in matter causes the formation of hierarchical order of things in the universe.

So the main thrust of materialism is to deny the metaphysical existence of mind; matter is the primary reality. The third theory of reality, termed here as holism , treats mind and matter as processes, instead of substances. It is based on the observation that phenomenal things undergo change constantly. Nothing is permanent. This view of reality forms the core of the philosophies of Heraclites and the Sophists belonging to ancient Greece as well as the religious mysticism of Buddhism, Taoism and allied doctrines.

The foregoing three theories of reality consider only one aspect of existence. Justifiably, we can adopt the term monistic philosophy to refer to the entire collection of philosophies of last three millennia.

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