Unisons Enterprises, Manjeri

All raw materials for tread rubber manufacturers.

Agents of M/s. Ramcharan Company,
Unisons Enterprises, Manjeri. All raw materials for tread Rubber manufacturers. M/s. Ceyenar Chemicals Pvt.Ltd., M/s.Ruboreborn Polymers Pvt.Ltd.

Carbon Blacks – Cabot India, Accelerators&Anti-oxidents – Nocil, Process Oil – Rajprol A1, Reclaimed Rubber – Rubochem, Zinc Oxides – Pondy Oxides, Eversest, Amrutha Stearic Acids – VVF,Rayalseema, Synthetic Rubber – Imported & IPCL, Polythene Films & Covers and others


Carbon Blacks – CABOT INDIA LTD., Accelerators & Anti-oxidents – NOCIL, Synthetic Rubber, Zinc Oxides, Reclaim Rubber, Process Oil, Pinetar, Stearic Acid, Wood Rosin, Paraffine Wax, Crystex & Metex Sulphur, Dusting Powder, Hessian Cloth, Polythene Film & Covers and all other raw materials for Tread Rubber Manufacturers

Established : 1989
Phone: 0483 2768863, 0483 2764585

Location: Manjeri, Malappuram (Dt), kerala

Email: unisons(at)rediffmail.com
Note: (at) = @

Contact : Mr. Biju Payyampally,
Mr. Gigy Antony;

Position: Managing Partners

Postal Address:

MANJERI – 676 121