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Employment Screening Services – Background Investigations
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Identity & Address Check : The first step in employee screening is to verify that an applicant is providing accurate and honest information. Identity and Address Check will verify the locations and addresses of the candidate to help establish his / her true identity.

Education Check : With every one in four candidates reportedly falsifying their education records or credentials, this has become a standard procedure for any new hire. We contact the registrar of the schools, universities, and professional institutions to verify candidate’s educational background.

Employment Check: Often prospective candidates make false claims or inflate information pertaining to their past. Employment check can ensure that the information in the candidate’s resume is accurate.

Reference Check: Here we contact the references provided by the candidate to verify the candidate’s credentials and get a thorough feedback.

Database Check : Post global terrorist threats, the Office of Foreign Asset Control, Dept. of US Treasury has issued a new compliance for any foreign company operating with foreign nationals. We also conduct an extensive public and private records search including court litigation case files since 1933 for any criminal wrongdoings.

Criminal Check: Supersoft performs a Criminal Records Search for any Felony and/or Misdemeanor convictions within the last 5 years. These searches are conducted via hands-on research at the police departments.

Integrity Check : This is part of a more advanced security solutions offered by Supersoft. Here a customized search is undertaken by team of specialists to assess candidate’s behavior pattern, history and background, social standing, peer groups and general character reference.

Drug Screening : Supersoft has partnered with leading diagnostic centers to offer various drug testing services. The tests care carried out in premises or at the clinic to suit client’s requirements.

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Employment Screening Services – Background Investigations

Supersoft provides following Employment Screening Services in India

+ Identity & Address Check

+ Database Check

+ Education Verification

+ Employment Verification

+ Integrity Check

+ Criminal Verification

+ Drug Screening

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In today’s rapidly evolving times and highly competitive world markets, it has become imperative for companies to ensure high integrity of their workforce. With Supersoft Pre-employment screening services you get a head start on your future. We protect your most valuable asset – People.