Life systems, Lucknow

Manufacturers of Dr. Pohals re-searched gel based products.

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Life systems, Lucknow. Manufacturers of Dr. Pohals re-searched gel based products.We are in the profession since 1996. Dr pohal, able scientist and prosthetic engg. is the guiding force, awarded order of British empire in second world war.

The product is an extensively re-searched and designed ergonomically, giving better safety, convenience in wearing and durable. Management is qualified and dynamic, factory workers – 25, turnover < 5 million


In the brand name of sofogel de-footcare orthotic support. Pioneer sol gel technique in India gel full length insoles xl/l/m/s gel heel cups, gel dynamic arc support, gel heel pads, gel metatarsal pads, gel insoles with arc l/m/s, gel toe spreaders gel seat cushions for wheel chair and bed sore mattress.


Quality products tried and tested by defense base hospital artificial limb centre Lucknow. Now accredited suppliers to defense forces all over the country.

Major Projects:

Defense has been the major fort.

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This sol-gel technique incorporates natural oils and the product don’t carry any bad odor, washable ,reusable, no fungal or algae is horbored.

Established : 1996

HO Location: Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

Branch Location: 552/188,
Rishi nagar, alambagh

Phone: 91-0522-2455484

FAX: 91-0522-2455484

Email: sofogel(at)
Note: (at) = @

Contact: Devender PS Lubana,
Director Technical

Postal Address:

79/1-2, Chander nagar, Alambagh,
Lucknow – 226005

Profiled on: May 16, 2006