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We manufacture sweet tasting tea for Diabetics, Hypertensives and Weight Watcher etc.

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Anmol Naturals started in the year 2002 with one product is now with 36 products in four segments. It is managed by professionals in the respective field, but more from the pharma side.

The front line products – Natural sweetener products have claimed to be a great success for their innovation and concept.


We manufacture sweet tasting tea for Diabetics, Hypertensives and Weight Watcher etc. Its a natural product, safe, economical and even helps to reduce the ailments slowly. For delivery in India for one unit you need to send Rs.85.00 (includes forwarding charges).

We also manufacture:

1. Herbal powders for skin, beauty and diabetic care 2. Nutrient rich bio fertilizers for house hold plants 3. Culinary powders (Andhra Karappodulu)

Established: 2002
Location: Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh

Phone: 08662571559

Email: foranmol(at)
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Contact: Seshu Kumar

Position : Manager

Postal Address:

16-3-32/B, Kowtha Street, Purnanandampet

Profiled on: Friday November 04, 2005



Here is an article that was published in Hindu Newspaper.

True copy of the article published in The Hindu Daily Newspaper on November 15th 2004 in all Editions in Andhra Pradesh (Except Hyd & Sec).

A delightful substitute

Anmol Naturals, Manufacturing, Vijayawada, Andhra PradeshCan you envisage life sans the long sessions of animated conversation with friends over a hot cuppa tea? A cup of Garam chai not only stimulated your senses, but enlivens the surroundings too.

But, there is a flip side to it. You tend to experience a growing feeling of insecurity as you swig your hot drink that this nothing but a sweet poison.

Imagine a situation where you may have to deprive yourself of the indispensable “poison” that works like a tonic especially when you are buried in piles of pending files.

No need to worry for help is at hand now. Anmol, manufacturers of organic fertilizers and distributors of Ayurvedic medicines, has come out with a unique alternative, Anmol SweTea.

Sans sugar, chemicals

“The new find is a diabetic patient’s delight. It is a substitute for tea sans sugar and other chemicals and also helps reduce diabetes concurrently” says K.S.S.Kumar, Manager of Anmol.

The derivatives used to prepare saccharine and aspartame, substitutes for sugar, have inorganic chemicals that make us vulnerable to diseases by bringing down the immunity of the body.

Kumar says his product is palatable as its taste is very close to tea. Besides, it also helps the beta cells to get stimulated in pancreas for generation of insulin. This in turn, helps diabetic patients reduce their ailment.


The zingiber officinalis (sonthi) and elattaria cardamom (elaichi) present in the SweTea helps enhance its taste and flavour and it also has anti-oxidant properties. Kumar says diabetics must have the drink at least twice or thrice a day as it works best when taken without milk. Persons using medication for various ailments should undergo regular check up while using SweTea as it could potentiate the medication necessitating adjustment of the dosage.

Earlier, the company had come up with two other products, a nutrient rich herbal bio-fertilizer that could also be used in Therapeutic Horticulture for improving the texture of the soil.

Dubbing its second product Stevia, as the best substitute for sugar – from nature, Kumar says use of excess sugar could prompt multiplication of streptococci bacteria that is present in and around the teeth cavities and could result in decay. “A pack of 50 grams of SweTea costs Rs.36” he says. Stevia can also be used to make ice creams sweets and cakes.

Madhavi and Kumar are ready to make SweTea available at your door steps. All you need to do is call the 24 hour helpline-9440230353 to order your product.

By P.Sujatha Varma in Vijayawada