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There are many screen savers and wall papers out there. There is one that’s outstanding amongst the crowd. That’s webshots. provides the best of all desktop enhancements.

WebshotsWebshots has a large collection of screen savers and wall papers on their website. They also have photos that are uploaded by members and classified per category. Earlier their service came completely free and now they have both free and paid programs in various areas. Free programs come with advertisements and some limitation in features.

Webshots also offers a number of ways for friends and family to share imagery with one another, such as Photo Messages, online photo albums, and custom prints and gifts. such services are plenty these days. However webshots is always way ahead of competitors. For those who want to decorate their desktops with great photos and also share their with friends and colleagues, there is no better tool.


In this program, they deliver one photo, games, e-cards on a daily basis. A small program that can be installed on your desktop, does the trick.

Webshots Desktop,

This is another application that can be installed on your desktop and hundreds of photos can be managed from within this application to be made your wall paper, screen saver etc. The application offers slideshows, one-click photo uploads from digital cameras to online photo albums, and a feature that allows users to track and view the photo albums of their friends and family. Over 100 million copies of the Webshots Desktop client have been downloaded to user PCs, decorating computers worldwide with stunning photos.

Free membership allows members to download any Webshots photo to their computer and also upload and share their own photos. Premium features, such as high-resolution downloads, additional image storage and advertisement-free browsing on Webshots, are available with the Webshots Premium service.

Windows XP Desktop EnhancementsWindows XP Desktop Enhancements:

Microsoft offers certain themes and screen savers etc for windows XP through their website. Their offers may be well worth a try to enhance your desktop.

Windows XP Desktop – Cnet’s

This is another place where you can find desktop enhancements utilities. they have major collection of desktop enhancement options.

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