7 Grave mistakes not to commit when blogging

The most important mistakes that can make your blog fail:

• Copying content – Search engines index almost every alphabet that they index, which means they can easily find out similar patterns, don’t risk copying any content from other online sources, it can even get you delisted from search engines.

• Cheating the audience – certain companies create anonymous blogging sites to promote their own products, it can affect a companies reputation a lot once caught, many are caught and once caught it is a scar that wont easily go off.

• Terms and Conditions violation – If you are on free blogspace or even paid hosting, your host shall have certain content restrictions, if you fail to observe these, they have all the right to shut down your blog for good.

• Unethical responses – always respect the comments you receive on your blog, sometimes even an individual comment can kill your rating if you move out of the ethics zone in your responses.

• Always do what you love, or love what you do if you don’t have the first choice – Don’t get into blogging just for the sake of it, do your homework before you start off, you wouldn’t want to stop midway because you didn’t like it anyway.

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