Increase your blogs ratings

• Don’t commit the mistakes listed above, then;
• Backlinks – find directories for blogs and list your blog in as many directories as you can find, the more
links you have coming in the higher your blog appears in the search listings. Make sure you add links to
blogs of your nature and ask the other bloggers to add your link to their blogs:
• Readers Comments – the air that the blog breathes is the comments from its readers and its responses to
them, be very careful about the comments on your blog and your responses to them.
• RSS Feeds – A method for keeping fresh content always available at the face of your reader is to
subscribe to RSS feeds for your blog.

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Once again wishing you success and happy blogging.


• Blog – A certain pattern of making websites in the fashion of an online diary, with a date attached
to every post.
• Blogger – A person, community or Organization that sets up a blog and updates information and
elements into a blog.
• Search Engine Ranks – Your websites compatibility with the norms of different search engines.
• Blogsearch Engines – Search engines designed to search only for information from blogs.
• Company Image – A marketing term coined to reflect the kind of impression a company leaves on
its PR.
• Blog Post – An entry made into a blogging site, it contains elements like the date and time of
posting , the author’s name, and the information entered to the blog.
• Template – a pre-designed layout that can be modified minutely by the end user.
• Code of Ethics – A generally accepted pattern of doing things, told as a verbal promise, always
relevant to the topic in focus.
• Affiliate – Promoter of third party products and services who gets paid a share of the profit for
their promoting efforts.

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