Why do people visit a blog page?

Information seeking audience, anybody can seek information, and information can be based on any topic, this is the ‘block of web-time’ internet user’s finds blog pages useful.

Try it yourself, go to a search engine and request for any topic with the keyword ‘blog’ added to the search query, now you shall see there are thousands of blogs out there giving information on the topic you seek, as you go through some of them, few are very relevant to the kind of information that you seek and when you see such a site, the normal practice advised and followed by regular internet users is to bookmark it.

At every stage of creating a blog, we are focusing the blog on just one type of audience, ‘the information seeking internet user’, so the best way to ensure that your blog gets into the favorite list of a person is: you give him the best content that you possibly can and better than what he can find, and remind him to bookmark your blog or add it to his favorites list and ‘check back often’.

When you state ‘check back often’, mention how often you update your blog, most visitors forget about the sites that don’t remind them of when to come back, but the chances of getting revisits are high if you tell your audience when to come back.

These are very interesting and different blogs, just see the variety of topics on which people choose to blog.

1. http://www.thefunnydogs.com
2. http://blogs.motortrend.com/2/94/lamborghini/index.html

*Very Important, you certainly have the liberty to write on any topic as long as you stay within the limits of social evil, try not to use the blog to spread around tactics of destruction and disruptive thoughts, the search formula’s are perfected by search engines often to filter out content in relation to social evil like terrorism, child pornography and suicide groups, make sure you use your knowledge for the helping someone have a positive change. Other blog results are omitted from search results and in addition to that, if you are using a web server, there are chances there can be serious legal action taken against you.

Tips: Update your blog regularly, make sure you remind your reader to add your blog to their favorites list and check back often. Try to be original with your content always, choose your links wisely and make sure all of them work and don’t lead to dead pages.

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