The process & cost

– the process of domain name registration is simple and cost is trivial.

The process of registration involves visiting a domain registrar and carrying out the registration. First thing you would do is a thorough search at the registrar. Process is explained below.

The Process.

It can be done in nsi or domaindiscover or several other registrars. You can do a one time search for many domain names in these sites. Once you find the right domain name choose to register for a year, two or more and then you have to pay using credit card. You also have other options for paying them.

Once the accurate details are fed in and the payment is made, the domain name is yours and you normally get a control panel to administer it. Some important information to take care during registration is discussed in things to care..

How much does a domain name cost?

Cost of the domain name registration defers from registrar to registrar. From 35$ to 15$, to 8$ and possibly even cheaper. Ideally it includes the following or you must check out whether it includes the following.

  • Domain name ownership and management
  • “domain reserved” page.
  • Frame Forwarding
  • URL forwarding
  • Email Forwarding.
  • Domain traffic statistics
  • The services are provided for a 1-10 year period, depending on how long of a period you sign up for when you register your domain. Some even offer a 100 year term registration.
  • Your own a control panel from which you can instantly update contact information, name servers, and more. Make sure you get one from the registrar you choose.
  • Access to fast, responsive email support.
  • Toll-free telephone support
    However every domain name registrar can be entirely different in terms of pricing and services and hence it is difficult to name anyone registrar as particularly good or bad. We would like to recommend two of them. They are nsi and domaindiscover. From the ICANN acredited registars, we have this prominent registrars listed.

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